Helping the whole horse

Posted by on May 5, 2016


Feeling good together!

If your horse is experiencing some mental or emotional issues such as fear or nervousness, I may be able to help. Chinese medicine has always recognised unbalanced emotions as a major cause of physical disease and injury, and I use acupuncture to address these underlying issues as well as physical symptoms.


Now I’m adding a new service to complement the acupuncture: coaching horses on the ground.


For instance, if a horse is having difficulty with the saddling process, we want to help them to move from a state fear and into a state of acceptance and curiousity. When a horse is fearful, they’re in a state of flight or fight, which means they can’t also be in a learning frame of mind. A horse has to be helped to reach a place where they feel at peace on the inside before they can be asked to learn and participate.


Curiousity is our ally, since in horses it only arises as fear diminishes. Once a horse is curious, they can start to explore the situation and be guided by the person, who can take on the role of teacher or guide.


When you were in school, if you were nervous or scared for any reason, could you concentrate properly and learn new things? How different was it when you were supported and encouraged to try, knowing you were safe to make mistakes and keep seeking answers? Did this make you more curious about exploring and learning? Did it encourage you to just have a go?


If a horse feels completely at peace on the inside and connected with the people around them, physical injuries will be far less likely because all the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints will be working efficiently.


Chinese medicine links certain imbalances in emotions to specific body systems. For example, the emotion associated with the Liver organ system is anger / frustration. The Liver organ system also controls tension in the muscles, so if a horse is experiencing frustration in its daily life, the muscles will be in a state of tension more often. Ultimately this leads to injury, as tight muscles are far more prone to injury than muscles in a relatively relaxed state.


By combining acupuncture with coaching, I am able to work with the horse’s body and mind through acupuncture and work more directly with the horse’s mind through coaching.


Everything is connected: if a horse feels good on the inside, they will be physically healthier and more able to be a safe, fun partner for their person.


Give me a call if you’d like to chat about your horse and what’s going on for them, mentally, emotionally or physically. 0488 118 155







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  1. Jane Francis

    Thank you so much for that, I will put your exercises into practice on my future rides. Do you now of any practitioners here in Victoria (near Wangaratta) that you could recommend. Elvis I know really benefited from his monthly treatment and I am also doing the moves taught in your clinic, would be nice to treat all the horses to a proper needle session.
    Thank you so much for all your invaluable help in the past.
    Jane Francis

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