Are you overlooking the muscles?

Posted by on June 22, 2017


Most musculoskeletal problems start with the muscles.

This is because the muscles are designed to take some of the concussive force of movement, and if they are in a hypertonic state (too much tension), more of the load is transferred to tendons and ligaments.

If the elastic strength of ligaments and tendons is exceeded, these structures will be strained or torn.

Bones, ligaments and tendons can only do what the muscles allow them to do. Muscles contract, making them shorter from end to end, and this causes movement.

Muscles keep the right amount of tension on vertebra via tendon attachments. If the muscles are too tense, the vertebral segments lose range of motion and become “fixed”.

Acupuncture releases tension in muscles and resolves muscular pain. Using acupuncture to release the muscular tension before doing spinal manipulation assists the vertebrae to retain the increased range of motion.

If spinal manipulation is done without addressing restrictions in the myofascial system, the shortness of the muscles is likely to cause the vertebrae to again lose range of motion. The torque and strain patterns of the muscles and fascia (soft connective tissue) place asymmetric forces on the skeleton, resulting in further injury.

Keep excessive tension out of your horse’s muscles, and he /she will be much less prone to all musculoskeletal injuries. Prevention is always preferable to cure, and will keep you in the saddle more. Call Naomi from Equinox to help: 0488 118155.

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