Case Studies


From Amanda Loy, Samford

“We had been looking for someone to treat our horses for quite a while that took a holistic approach to horse well being. After hearing about Naomi in a couple of different circles, we decided to give her a call.

“When first speaking to Naomi, I was very impressed with the time she took in gathering information on the horses even before she come to see them. When she arrived it was clear that she had put a lot of time and consideration into the information already given. My impression of Naomi is that she gets horses (inside and out) and this was just what we were looking for. There are lots more wonderful things I can say about Naomi, like how she takes the time to explain simply about what she is doing and also how she gives the horse time they need and never rushed around them but, I’ll take up the rest of this time talking about the horses.

“Danny that was having tightness issues in his back and his hind end: he just didn’t feel quite right and, while there was no bucking or head tossing, you could tell he was not happy to go into the canter and it was worse one side to the other. Naomi has treated Danny three times now and he is really a changed horse. His expression and the way he goes about things is just done with a much happier disposition. We are getting lengthening that I have never seen before and much more willingness. Our other horse Pearl has been suffering from itch and we are also seeing improvements in her coat and overall condition.

“Words will never be able to express my thanks for Naomi for giving us more balanced horses and we all look forward to seeing her again soon! If anyone would like to obtain my contact details from Naomi, I’m more then happy to go into details of the treatments and the fantastic handling of our horses. ”


From Shannon Davies, Valdora

“My 19 year old gelding had been experiencing an issue in his hindquarter which resulted in a hollowing away and his muscle being withdrawn in the flank area on his right hind leg. When being ridden, I felt that he was finding it physically difficult to engage his hindquarters, and felt that he was inhibited to perform to his athletic ability.

“Naomi came and thoroughly assessed my horse before treating him. As the treatment proceeded, changes became evident immediately. Softening of muscles that had been held tight was obvious. My horse also became really relaxed and became softer and less ‘uptight’ in his attitude.

“Most impressively, the withdrawn area in his right flank area began to fill out and look healthy after his first treatment and continued to improve with the next treatment. The changes which I felt whilst riding him were quite remarkable. I could feel how good he felt in his body after the treatment, offering me a ground-covering, floating trot like it was effortless! Very different to the quality of movement he was able to offer before he had his EMRT™ treatment.”


Shannon Davies, Valdora

“The second horse of mine which Naomi treated is a Thoroughbred mare who has had a history of bucking when saddled and generally being very defensive about her body ( I could not brush her, particularly over the wither/shoulder area). She began her first treatment as a mare that would turn and be ready to bite as Naomi performed very gentle moves over her body. The changes seen in her after her treatments have been amazing. She is now able to be brushed without ears going back, and has lost a great deal of her tendency to over react when being saddled and ridden. The EMRT™ treatments have been crucial in helping this mare to overcome her emotional and physical trauma.

“I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who has a horse where they may be looking to enhance performance, or for a horse who may be suffering any kind of injury. Her passion and desire to help horses is evident and the results I’ve seen in my horses after her treatments are profound. ”