How do natural therapies help the body heal itself?

The body is constantly trying to heal itself, as seen in the mechanisms of homeostasis. Homeostasis is internal equilibrium or a state of balance. All body systems are programmed to self-correct any imbalances. For example, if you cut yourself, a series of events is triggered within the body to restore the damage. When the body’s control systems fail to maintain homeostasis, disease can result.

Similar principles apply in the musculoskeletal system, with the body attempting to release muscle tension after the cause of the tension is no longer present. If tissue was damaged, if the original force was too great or if the muscle is placed under stress regularly, the body may not be able to self-correct. This leads to residual tension, and the body may compensate for this by creating muscle tension elsewhere in the body in an attempt to create balance. These areas of tension can form ‘patterns’ that can stay in place until something signals the body to release it.

By assisting the body to release tension, natural therapies can help it revert to its original balanced state.